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Romania/EU Citizenship

Romanian citizenship is the best citizenship to buy at this moment taking into consideration the following facts:

  • Romania is a European Union member, a NATO member and soon it will be also a Schengen Area
  • Romanian citizens have unrestricted right to live, work, study, make business, own lands or properties, open bank accounts in
  • Romanian citizens are protected by consular and diplomatic authorities of other EU countries.
  • Romania has an excellent education system as well as first-rate health care
  • Romanian Passports are one of the most secure Passports (E-Passport containing an electronic chip) with a 10 years validity
  • Romanian law accepts citizens with 2 or more citizenships, so you don’t need to give up your native citizenship after getting the Romanian
  • Our clients don’t need to live in Romania, to learn the Romanian language, to be married to a Romanian citizen, or to invest any money in Romania. We will help them get the Romanian citizenship without any of these
  • Similar citizenships in other EU countries, Australia, the United Kingdom or other parts of the world cost from a five hundred thousands until two million euros. We provide the Romanian citizenship at the smallest costs, having the fastest and easiest procedure for obtaining a European Union citizenship.
  • If the client’s country law doesn’t accept a second or dual citizenship, the client can give up his/her first citizenship after he/she receives the Romanian citizenship OR he/she can keep his/her Romanian citizenship secret like many people do. Your country cannot find out that you have a second citizenship if you don’t declare it in your country or if you don’t use your second passport in your country!
The Romanian Citizenship Procedure Summary:
  1. We need to receive all the client’s requested documents by courier. The client or client’s representative presence is required to pay us the first 50% payment.
  2. Our lawyers start to make the file for the client’s Romanian Citizenship Request (work time: 2 weeks OR 1 month only for the Former Soviet Union (USSR) Countries citizens
  3. The client’s file is complete and ready to be applied at the Romanian Justice Ministry
  4. Our lawyers apply the client’s file at the Romanian Justice Ministry.
  5. Handing to the client the certified document of acceptance of the client’s file by the Romanian Justice Ministry
  6. Using his/her received registration number, the client or middleman can check the authenticity of the document
  7. The client’s file will go through all the official bureaucratic procedures of the Romanian Justice Ministry (8-9 months OR 5 months only for the Former Soviet Union (USSR) Countries citizens). We will notify the client to prepare his trip to Romania for the Oath of Citizenship Ceremony (with 1-2 months before the fixed date)
  8. We receive from the Romanian Justice Ministry the original Official Invitation Letter for the client’s Oath of Citizenship (with 1-2 weeks before the programed date). We communicate the exact date and hour when the client is programmed for the Oath of Citizenship Ceremony in Bucharest
  9. The client presence is mandatory arriving in Bucharest The client (or representative) is required to pay us the second 50% payment, before attending at the Oath of Citizenship Ceremony. Our representative will accompany the client to attend the Official Oath of Citizenship Ceremony
  10. After the Oath of Citizenship Ceremony, the client will receive his/her Official Citizenship Certificate. Our first part of the services is completed.

OPTIONAL (the second part of services at request):

Our lawyers apply for the client’s Romanian Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate and children Birth Certificates

  1. The Romanian Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate, and children Birth Certificates are released (1 month)
  2. We go together with the client to apply for the Romanian ID Card (optional)
  3. The Romanian ID Card is released (1 month)
  4. We go together with the client to apply for the Romanian Passport and Driver License (optional)
  5. Driver License is released (1.5-3 months). Can apply for the Romanian Driver License only if the Romanian ID Card was released before
  6. The Passport is released (14 days). Can apply for the Romanian Passport without the need of a Romanian ID Card. Our second part of the services is completed.

Required documents

  • Criminal record
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport
  • Domestic identification document (like ID Card, etc.) with his/her address mentioned in the document

We will need:

  • color copies of all the above original documents
  • the translated documents in English, legalized (notarized by a notary) and apostilled (apostille certificate as evidence of notary authentication)

All the above documents authenticity will be verified by our lawyers and the Romanian Justice Ministry. Any fake document sent by the client will be identified and it will cause us to lose time and money for nothing!

Visa-free travel worldwide
172 countries, ESTA to USA soon
Completely confidential
The whole process of alternative citizenship acquisition is strictly confidential
No residency requirements
No physical residence is required
Full price: (USSR citizens)
US $100.000

Full price (non USSR citizens)
US $150.000

Family members discount

Free travel

As of 5 January 2021, Romanian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 172 countries and territories, ranking the Romanian passport 17th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.
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      Copyright by Benevolentia llc. All rights reserved.